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Directions Flamingo Pink Hair Dye


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Brand: Directions
Colour: Flamingo Pink
Type: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
Volume: 88ml
Lasts: Can last around 8 washes
Packaging: Tub with full instructions
Possible results: Directions Flamingo Pink Hair Dye is a bright pink shade, fades to a baby pink/peachy colour
Additional Information: Directions Flamingo Pink Hair Dye is not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products

Due to the large amount of factors that can affect the final colour, dye results cannot be guaranteed
Please always try a strand test first.

A full list of ingredients for Hair Dyes & All Bleach Kits we sell can be seen in the following section: Hair Dye Ingredients

A list of instructions for the dyes and bleach kits we sell can be seen in the following section: Hair Dye Instructions

Additional Info: For best results use on bleached or pre-lightened hair, although some deeper shades may give a sheen or hint of colour to darker hair. Dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions fully. Do not condition hair prior to use as this can smooth the hair follicle and act as a barrier on the hair. Always shake tub/bottle beforehand or use a mixing bowl to ensure colour pigments are well mixed. Colours in the tub/bottle are not necessarily an indication of the final hair colour and the dyes can vary slightly between batches, therefore dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always try a strand & sensitivity test prior to use. Our Hair Dye FAQ section has lots of useful hints and tips on how to get the best from the type of hair dyes we sell. Here you can see instructions for use, clean-up tips, how to prolong the dye results and step by step guides on using different brands.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the colour and description of all items shown on this site are as accurate as possible items may differ slightly due to the photographic procedure and transferring of images to the website.

NOTE: The ingredients and instructions shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use in case of any changes or updates. Please always try a strand and sensitivity test prior to using any hair dye product.
Dye results cannot be guaranteed.

30 reviews for Directions Flamingo Pink Hair Dye
  1. Emailed Review

    I used to use this when I was too poor for Blood Red! It holds up pretty well except in sunlight it can look pinky right from the start. Regardless it’s a gorgeous colour that fades to a lovely magenta shade.

  2. Emailed Review

    This is a beautiful blue with a slight hint of green. It came out a gorgeous colour on my lilac hair but it did fade quite quickly. To be honest I blame my hair not being light enough for that though. A little bit of Blue Velvet mixed in seemed to help the longevity but it did take away some of the lovely green.

  3. Emailed Review

    I wanted a darker purpley/red colour towards the end of my red phase, so I went with rubine, and it was a brilliant choice. It came out a slightly darker blood-red shade than my previous reds… slightly lighter than any online shop pictures indicate. Didn’t leave too many remnants of purple. Fades to a slightly pinky-red, but still kept the blood red depth to it. My favourite of any red I tried, and it wasn’t even meant to be a red dye! -Geneticphreak-

  4. Emailed Review

    This is a excellent dye once applied it took 40 mins for the couler to set in fully but the result was fantastic as when the dye was washed off the couler was even brighter than expected this colour did not fade at all in the first 3 weeks and has lasted a full 8 weeks befor i had to redo it. -Fireyphoenix1989-

  5. Emailed Review

    This dye has an unmatchable fluorescent glow, and is a blinding neon yellow in the sun. It has great staying power, and overlaps perfectly with other colors, even of a different brand. It didn’t fade as quickly as I thought it would, though it is a little tough to bleach out. I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a neon yellow that you can overlap with another color when you’re done with it! -Monochrome-

  6. Louisa Steaton

    This dye is great before the first wash – it’s a very bright blue-purple that shines purple in the sun, and indoors takes on a deeper blue sheen. However, it has a lot of run-off, even with cold water rinses, and stains very easily. The biggest drawback is that it will fade typically after about 5 washes to an icky grey that’s hard to bleach out. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t mixing this color, or dying over it with a darker color after it fades. -Monochrome-

  7. AC!D rabbit

    It’s a pretty good dye – I can imagine it would turn out amazing on bleached hair.
    I dyed over darkish purple hair, and it went a relatively nice greeny-blue colour, which looked almost black in most lights.
    Not a bad result at all, especially on darkish hair. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants a colour which is unique but not too in-your-face.
    Great stuff.

  8. Marta Dubinska

    I bought this color last christmas and I have to say I really loved it!
    Strong color that lasted for a long time!
    5 stars

  9. Ellen Gallagher

    A good colour shade.But a bit too light for me.

  10. Emailed Review

    This hair dye is great, I used it for my 21st birthday party on pre-lightened hair and it looks amazing in the photos! Very vibrant, but I wouldn’t recommend it for unlightened hair as it is not a rich, deep enough shade to cover darker tones as well as bleached ones. Directions rose red achieves a similar but deeper result on unlightened hair in my experience. I found that, although it was prone to staining skin, towels, bedding etc if accidentally came into contact with them, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t stain the shower when I rinsed it out unlike some other pink shades I’ve tried.

  11. Emailed Review

    Absolutely one of my favourite dyes I’ve used! The colour came out awesome and the UV reactive effect just made it a whole lot of fun. Definately recommendable. -Raven-

  12. Emailed Review

    When I used this for streaks on dyed black hair that had faded to dark brown, they went very light blonde. When I used the one pot on my entire head of shoulder length hair some bits went blonde, some bits went ginger and some stayed brown. This is because there was not enough bleach. My hair felt nice and soft after using this bleach on the streaks, it doesn’t kill hair that easily! -SaDIE-

  13. Emailed Review

    This is such a deep colour, it looks amazing whether you’ve belached your hair or use it ‘virgin’, it’s purple is amazing, i like to use it for my darker phases and it also bleaches out well. Thumbs up! -Becki BTW-

  14. Alexandria Sherman

    Very pretty shade, I used this over light blonde bleached hair and got a pink-toned red. Staying power was ok, didn’t compare to SFX but the shade was lush!

  15. helen purvis

    This colour is EPIC its like rly intense purple! i bleached my hair to a yellowy blonde colour before i put on the dye, i cnt imagine how bright it would turn out if used on RLY light blonde xD

  16. Emailed Review

    really nice rich colour. when it is fading it doesnt go a nasty orange, just sort of gets paler, unlike most reds

  17. helen purvis

    lovely colour quite dark in normal light, shines a lovely bright colour in bright light 🙂 my colour din’t last long – although this is probably because i put it on over a red dye. quite messy to apply but gives an even coverage.

  18. Emailed Review

    This has to be my favourite green. it comes out a lovely grass-green colour and lasts a reasonable amount of time. -Nadia-

  19. Emailed Review

    Vibrant and long lasting, it does fade but it still looks nice in the process. -Emmy-

  20. Emailed Review

    I love this colour!!! It’s a dark pink, a bit red in some ways…but it’s amazing!!! Yeah, don’t use it if u want a real pink ’cause it’s darker. Anyway…a real special colour! (magenta + black is fantastic!!!) -Misery_WeRo_bASSdOLL-

  21. Emailed Review

    First I bleached my naturally black hair using Stargazer’s bleaching kit. I done this in 2 stages as I didn’t want to stress my hair too much. Once I had made my desired chunks in my fringe white/platnum blonde, I then applied the Royal Blue dye from Stargazer. At first it went a faded green colour with ginger streaks, however I did then dye over it again but this time leaving in the dye for 1hour instead of 30minutes. My hair then came out this colour! I am totally in love with it and honestly recommened the colour! It’s gorgeous in natural light as it’s very bright!
    (Emailed Review from SargeantBabe)

  22. Emailed Review

    This colour came out beautifully, applied to a light blonde hair colour. The only problem, i’d say is fairly costly for someone with long hair and i found it faded quickly however stuck on the places where my hair was white before dying, so i’d recommend bleaching your hair as light as it can go before applying, making the colour last a lot longer!
    (Emailed Review from Molly)

  23. Emailed Review

    This is the best hair color I’ve ever had. I love it! The dye doesnt last very long, but it fades to a minty green, and when is freshly dyed, it looks like a mermaid teal hair. Live it and love it!
    (Emailed Review from Scarlett Ann Perkins)

  24. Emailed Review

    to be honest ive used stargazer dyes before and have not been impressed but this new range of uv hairdyes is really great colour only started to fade a little after 2 weeks and was not much lighter by 4 weeks really great and long lasting
    (Emailed Review from sophiesaur)

  25. Emailed Review

    No complaints whatsoever. A vibrant deep pink/ blueish red colour. Imagine cherry juice right out the carton staining white cloth. that’s the colour. Bright and intense. -Johannes-

  26. Emailed Review

    really bright colour at first but fades within two weeks. -Ruth Taylor-

  27. Emailed Review

    I used this over a gingery-brown base, expecting it to liven up the orange tones in my hair and create a vivid ginger. After five hours, I rinsed it out and was left with bright red hair – the exact colour that the dye was in the tub! I wash my hair every other day and after a few weeks started using head & shoulders but it lasted well – after a month or so it had faded to a lovely orangey-red colour. All in all, it was a happy accident and a beautiful colour, although it bleeds terribly for the first few washes! In saying that however, I got some dye run-off on a white shirt and it came out in a 40 degree wash with no stain remover or anything 😀 thumbs up from me. -Helenohright-

  28. Emailed Review

    Really liked this, I was told it wasn’t a very nice colour but it came out a nice dark orange based red, it’s faded rather fat but it’s fading nice and orange, would use it again. -SafiBear-

  29. Emailed Review

    Love this colour, even when diluted with conditioner it still comes out lovely and bright. Always get loads of compliments when I have my hair this colour. – Emailed Review (Draculaura)

  30. Eva-Kes

    Great colour on my unbleached natural liggt ginger hair….

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