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Manic Panic After Midnight Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]


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Manic Panic AMPLIFIED After Midnight Hair Dye

Brand: Manic Panic
Style: Amplified Cream Dye
Colour: After Midnight
Type: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
Volume: 118ml/4oz
Lasts: Approx 3-6 weeks, although some shades can last longer
Packaging: Resealable bottle with full instructions
Possible results: Dark blue shade 

Due to the large amount of factors that can affect the final colour, dye results cannot be guaranteed
Please always try a strand test first.

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Additional Info: For best results use on bleached or pre-lightened hair, although some deeper shades may give a sheen or hint of colour to darker hair. Dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions fully. Do not condition hair prior to use as this can smooth the hair follicle and act as a barrier on the hair. Always shake tub/bottle beforehand or use a mixing bowl to ensure colour pigments are well mixed. Colours in the tub/bottle are not necessarily an indication of the final hair colour and the dyes can vary slightly between batches, therefore dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always try a strand & sensitivity test prior to use. Our Hair Dye FAQ section has lots of useful hints and tips on how to get the best from the type of hair dyes we sell. Here you can see instructions for use, clean-up tips, how to prolong the dye results and step by step guides on using different brands.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the colour and description of all items shown on this site are as accurate as possible items may differ slightly due to the photographic procedure and transferring of images to the website.

NOTE: The ingredients and instructions shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use in case of any changes or updates. Please always try a strand and sensitivity test prior to using any hair dye product.
Dye results cannot be guaranteed.

12 reviews for Manic Panic After Midnight Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]
  1. Sophie Thorne
    Verified Owner

    Wow this stuff is great! My first time using Manic Panic, i normally use Directions but started looking for alternative colours as i dye my hair a differant colour every two weeks. Its a easy to apply gel, that stays in place and does not run. The colour is fantastic, as the name suggests “Electric”. I am a convert to Manic Panic and am looking for my next colour. This stuff can need a little scrubbing to get off your skin, but if your dyeing your hair as often as me, this is just regular practise. These colours really are amplified so only the brave need to use!

  2. Jevegenija Kuznecova
    Verified Owner

    At first I used the dye straight after pre-lightening, and I was slightly disappointed with the result. However I only had to use half the tub first time round, and so I re-applied the dye a week later, and WOW its awesome. My advice is to leave a few days after bleaching before you can get the best effect! Very please 🙂 It might not last for ages, but the results right after dyeing it a second time are just amazing! Top stop

  3. Jill O’Reilly
    Verified Owner

    lovely deep colour, although it didn’t last very long. was bleached out by the sun too even though i’d been using uv protective hair products. I found that special effects dye worked better for me.
    NOTE FROM BEEUNIQUE: Direct sunlight can cause vegetable dyed hair to fade faster

  4. Nathalie Derrez
    Verified Owner

    This was the first hair dye I tried and I put it on over my natural colour (mid brown) with a few bleached sections. It went on actually blue on the bleached parts and closer to blue black on the natural parts. It looked pretty good but it washed out in about a fortnight and required two bottles to cover my hair.

  5. Louise Wootton
    Verified Owner

    Not bad, deep colour for first few washes, but I have difficult grey hair, it still faded to a lighter pink colour, but if kept topped up with a once a week/two weeks dye says quite a good colour. Little smell, and nicer than using perm peroixde dyes

  6. Iris Loison
    Verified Owner

    This colour is fantastic! My hairdresser feel in love with this colour as soon as she saw it! I only had streaks put in my hair but they came out really bright & have lasted well, really pleased with this dye overall.

  7. sarah wright
    Verified Owner

    I really recommend this product, I used this in preperation to dying my hair blue (and everyone knows for blue you have to go as white as possible), and it really took all the yellow-tones out of my hair. I went from lemony bleach blonde to a very pale creamy colour which turned out perfect for my blue =]. I’d most definitely buy this product again.

  8. Fiona Donaldson
    Verified Owner

    Love it!… i had my hair this color for around 2 months, it hadnt faded but i was ready for a change. i WILL buy this color again =] -Paiige-

  9. Zara Lewis
    Verified Owner

    This dye has fantastic staying power, and comes out very beautifully on platinum hair. It will fade pink, though, unless you have very orange undertones in your hair! -Kiski-

  10. Louise Fleming
    Verified Owner

    I find that this colour lasts a lot longer than other stargazer reds I’ve used. I’ve found that others go orange very quickly. When it does fade it will go a slightly pinky colour. I usually have to re colour my hair once a month, a good way to get it to last longer is to leave the colour to set for about an hour (or longer if you have the time). I Always buy from beeunique they are fairly priced and super fast =-)

  11. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Good hair dye, really difficult to get rid of though,,
    (Emailed Review from Polly)

  12. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    I love it so far, it is the brightest my hair has gotten in a long time. I don’t know how it will last but for the past two weeks it is still as bright as ever. I truly hope it stays and does not fade!
    (Emailed Review from Sara Sanzio)

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