Directions Flamingo Pink Hair Dye

Absolutely amazing! I am thoroughly pleased. Following 2 separate peroxide stripping efforts on dyed dark brown hair, I found my natural strawberry blonde colour... and there was also a few stray patches of bright platinum in there. I was thrilled with the platinum blonde, knowing that the pink dye would take well on those bits of my hair, but slightly worried about the more orangey bits of my natural hair .... I didn't want to end up sort of pink and sort of crazy orange!! Happily, the Flamingo Pink dye was up to the challenge! It took beautifully and with minimal skin and clothes staining (and I'm a messy girl!). I just love it. Where my hair was stripped back to more blonde, the pink is undoubtedly brighter and more magenta in tone, but the slightly different shades of pink it makes on my head are so pretty and complimentary that I'm just jumping for joy. So if you want to go pink - use Flamingo Pink Directions dye. I can't recommend it enough. Looks great, smells great when you are waiting for it to develop, even my 10 month old son was smiling while his mummy transformed before his eyes! -Ellie-

Emailed Review, 09/07/2008
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