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Bleach Kit Manic Panic 40 Volume [UK Only]


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Manic Panic Bleach Kit 40 Volume (vegan friendly)
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Bleaching Your Hair

Like all bleach kits this product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation and hair damage and it is advised to do a strand and sensitivity test before use to check for any reaction and to give an indication of final result / processing time. Beeunique will accept no liability for any adverse reactions or misuse of this product. The semi-permanent & temporary dyes we sell will NOT adhere to hair that still contains traces of bleach. Before use please read precautions and instructions on packaging and always follow manufacturers instructions fully – If in any doubt please consult a professional or hairdresser before use.

NOTE:  Although rare damage can occur in transit to you, if a bleach kit is leaking or damaged upon receipt please ensure you thoroughly rinse any part of your skin the bleach came in contact with and then contact us immediately. Beeunique’s limit of liability will be to replace or refund the cost of the product only and photos showing damage must be sent.

A full list of ingredients for Hair Dyes & All Bleach Kits we sell can be seen in the following section: Hair Dye Ingredients

A list of instructions for the dyes and bleach kits we sell can be seen in the following section: Hair Dye Instructions

Additional Info: For best results use on bleached or pre-lightened hair, although some deeper shades may give a sheen or hint of colour to darker hair. Dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions fully. Do not condition hair prior to use as this can smooth the hair follicle and act as a barrier on the hair. Always shake tub/bottle beforehand or use a mixing bowl to ensure colour pigments are well mixed. Colours in the tub/bottle are not necessarily an indication of the final hair colour and the dyes can vary slightly between batches, therefore dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always try a strand & sensitivity test prior to use. Our Hair Dye FAQ section has lots of useful hints and tips on how to get the best from the type of hair dyes we sell. Here you can see instructions for use, clean-up tips, how to prolong the dye results and step by step guides on using different brands.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the colour and description of all items shown on this site are as accurate as possible items may differ slightly due to the photographic procedure and transferring of images to the website.

NOTE: The ingredients and instructions shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use in case of any changes or updates. Please always try a strand and sensitivity test prior to using any hair dye product.
Dye results cannot be guaranteed.

11 reviews for Bleach Kit Manic Panic 40 Volume [UK Only]
  1. Wendy Oliver
    Verified Owner

    this is brillant! gets it really bright really fast, plus everything you need is in the box. top dog!

  2. Luisa Colosimo
    Verified Owner

    Bought this colour to use on my bf’s dark blonde hair along with sfx neuclear red, whilst the red took just fine on his unbleached hair the Raven dye washed out instantly to patches of grey and dusky blue-ish, he’s had to use three applications of it to get it to look black, certainly not a colour i’d reccomend.

  3. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    This is such a brilliant colour- it’s just a shame that I didn’t bleach the part of my hair I was dying. However, it still came out a really strong blue. I had some difficulties applying it, as I could not get it to foam up as it said on the instructions, so that was rather frustrating. Also, it has stained my hands (and elbows for some reason!) like crazy.. but I’m sure it’ll go. :] Other than the few bad points, I love this hair dye and would recommend it to everyone! 😀 -Esme-

  4. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Cant live without had it in 5 years now n hopefully many more!!! it leaves my hair in really good condition too!!! -PinkyMcFluff-

  5. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Excellent stuff – gives a really good white result – you can also mix the white toner with other directions colours to create your own colour. Have used this as a plain white finish and also used for stripes etc as its really easy to apply and stays where you put it. -LG-

  6. charlotte chambers
    Verified Owner

    I loved the colour of this as I really wanted a pinky-purple effect. I put this dye over bleached hair on the red and underneath one side and the rest of the dye was put on non-bleached hair. It looked great. This dye first goes on very dark, kind of like a blackberry colour. After a couple of washes it goes very bright magenta! Another couple of washes after that and it goes a lovely paler (but still bright) pink. The dye doesn’t last very long on non bleached hair (only about 1-2 washes) but lasts a considerable amount on bleached hair. I also love all the stages of the fading! -Niccii-

  7. Molly McGowan
    Verified Owner

    I used this over yellow hair – still had some pale orange in my hair but it still came out a lovely colour. It looked blue in some lights and I got a lot of compliments on it. Perfect summery colour, very bright purple in sunlight. I dyed my hair again four weeks after I did it but it had started fading into a nice lavender shade by that time. Really good!

  8. Molly McGowan
    Verified Owner

    This bleach is pretty awesome. I left mine in for 90 minutes because I had black hair. My hair turned blonde and a bright ginger. If you want to strip your black out it will do that, but at a cost – My hair was in excellent condition and after bleaching it it felt horrid, but it will soon get better if I condition it. If you really want your black or dark brown out I would recomend this, just as long as you know it will dry your hair out. Happy hair dying folks! 🙂

  9. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    My favourite of all time (so far!) Used over bleached hair. Very long lasting colour, starts off vibrant and still looks good when fading through all the shades back to blonde. One of the less messy dyes with regards to staining skin, bathroom, towels etc.

  10. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    I bought this when there was the shortage of special effects dyes a while back. I needed a replacement for the cupcake pink. This didn’t disappoint. was very similar tone and stayed as long as the special effects one.

  11. Heather McClelland
    Verified Owner

    Beautiful colour, exactly as shown in the accompanying picture. Instantly stains anything white in your bathroom though!

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