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Directions Poppy Red Hair Dye


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Brand: Directions
Colour: Poppy Red
Type: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
Volume: 88ml
Lasts: Can last around 8 washes
Packaging: Tub with full instructions
Possible results: Directions Poppy Red Hair Dye is a bright red shade, fades to a pink colour
Additional Information: Directions Poppy Red Hair Dye is not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products

Due to the large amount of factors that can affect the final colour, dye results cannot be guaranteed
Please always try a strand test first.

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NOTE: The ingredients and instructions shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use in case of any changes or updates. Please always try a strand and sensitivity test prior to using any hair dye product.
Dye results cannot be guaranteed.

24 reviews for Directions Poppy Red Hair Dye
  1. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Love this stuff its fantastic!! alot of stargazer dye can be questionable,,..but this stuff really lasts and gives a great pinky purple color to my hair. also if i screw up any other hair dying venture i make sure to have this handy as it solves almost any batched blonde/blue/pink/ red dye job

    Verified Owner

    A very nice and bright magenta pink colour. Starts out a little darker, like a purple/fuchsia colour and then after a couple of washes gets to its normal bright pink. Lasts pretty well too.

  3. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    It looked orangey in the tub – it’s come out orangey on my hair despite being bleached white! It hasn’t dyed the roots and doesn’t seem to have penetrated some sections of hair at all. I started to worry when I realised I wasn’t making my usual mess – nothing was staining! I’m going back to Special Effects as it seems to suit my hair better.

    Obviously a strand test is a good idea although you don’t always get a really good idea how it will be in different areas of your hair. 🙂

  4. Rebecca Lynch
    Verified Owner

    Over natural (very dark brown) hair with a few slightly lighter highlights, this actually showed up very well. It was very easy to apply and I was surprised how green it was; mine appeared less bluey than the picture there. I got lots of comments, including one from a stilt-walker who pointed me out to his friends. It also lasted extremely well, vibrant for over a month until I dyed over it for university (they aren’t too keen on unusual hair colours in their enrolment photos…)

  5. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Really cute colour, didnt last as long as I’d like (2 weeks before it needed topping up), but it fades something lovely =]. About to buy some more to dye some wefts with. A good choice if you want a non-green based blue.

  6. Karin Löfvenmark
    Verified Owner

    Pretty and shimmering red that stayed for a really long time and faded into a lovely pink 🙂

  7. Alexandria Sherman
    Verified Owner

    This dye is fantastic. I can’t stress enough how absolutely amazing this dye is. Comes out a proper neon bright green with PHENOMENAL lasting power. But as with most light directions shades, make sure you’re bleached very light before use!

  8. helen purvis
    Verified Owner

    Lasted about 2 weeks before fading but that was because I used it over pink for a multi layered effect. To get a longer lasting colour, dye should really be used over white or pale yellow hair for strongest effects.

    Violette is a very nice juicy colour and very bright. Just right for winter to cheer you up! Very good value for money and just a little extra splodge from a spare bottle every couple of weeks can cure fading problems if you are obstinate like me. 🙂

  9. Lizz Ure
    Verified Owner

    Brilliant I first lightened my hair using normal hair dye and put carnation pink on dry hair and comb through leaving on for 30 minutes i love the colour its not just just for the young because I am 53 love it. -Jan-

  10. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    I loved this colour! So bright and ‘untacky’ looking! Not much money for a brilliant colour! Tends to wear off quite easily though, but with the cheap price it’s cheap and easy to keep topping it up! Dosen’t damage the hair at all either! And I have terrible hair from all the dying! haha! -Aimee Lucy-

  11. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    I have been using Lagoon Blue for a long time now, I guess you could say it’s my ‘trademark hair’. I always bleach to an almost white-blonde, then leave the dye on for approx. 6 hours before washing out with cold water. It starts off a beautiful vibrant Cobalt Blue if done correctly, then fades to a gorgeous Sky Blue. It lasts on my hair for 2 months before I need to do my roots. It fades quicker nearer the scalp though, otherwise it would have had all 5 stars from me. -CirqueMachine-

  12. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    My favorite from Directions ^^ If you add it in almost white hair you get such a pretty pretty light blue color. It fades beautifully and more ‘harmonic’. It goes well with purple. -Signe-

  13. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Fantastic hair dye, didnt stain anything except a tiny bit of my hair towel. Brilliant vibrant deep blue that faded into lovely turqoise/sky blue colours. -Ultraviolet-

  14. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Beautiful, strong color. Used on bleached hair it turned a perfect turquoise! Unlike other blue-shades, it didnt fade into a messy grey but a bit greenish-pastel teal. -STPH-

  15. Josie Buckland

    LOVE IT!!!
    I highly recommend this dye.
    I dyed my hair with this color over a month ago, and it still looks pretty good. It was very vibrant and the color is beautiful even when it fades. Getting tons of complements all the time. Even after going to the pool the color looks great.

  16. chelsea hill

    I love this colour! It looked a bit too fluorescent pink just after I dyed it but after the first wash it toned down and is fading nicely to a peachy pink. Would definitely keep using this colour.

  17. Emailed Review

    well what can i say very nice colour xxxx
    (Emailed Review from Jerry)

  18. Emailed Review

    Awesome. Holds its colour. Takes a while to fade. I would deffently recomend it (:
    (Emailed Review from MeggiiMacaronic)

  19. Emailed Review

    I love directions colours! I think they last really well,I mix a little bit of the colour with my conditioner which stops fading! It does turn a kind of pinky purple in some places which is kind of annoying but after a wash or two it’s a gorgeous colour.
    (Emailed Review from Keely)

  20. Emailed Review

    this dye is AMAZING, i left it overnight and diluted it with conditioner and the colour was super-shiny and bright, even diluted!! it fades quite quickly for a pink dye but if fades to a slightly salmony baby pink that is BEAUTIFUL. I love this dye
    (Emailed Review from Julia)

  21. Emailed Review

    amazing lasts about a month with me , which is the longist any semi has ever lasted with me , gives of a beautiful colour and fades to lighter shades of blue 🙂 -Ruth Taylor-

  22. faye collinson

    I used this on unbleached natural red hair that had also been hennaed, the colour came out a darker pink shade and lasted around 2 weeks, easy to use and not a runny dye.

  23. kill all chavs

    Very bright pink/red hair dye – even over my natural brown hair. Lasted pretty well too. Got lots of compliments. 5 star.

  24. Rainbow 1989

    Although it came out a nice shade of orange one wash and it had faded so much, not worth having to redye your hair everytime you wash it.

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