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Manic Panic Raven Hair Dye


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Manic Panic Raven Hair Dye

Brand: Manic Panic
Style: Standard Cream Dye
Colour: Raven
Type: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
Volume: 118ml/4oz
Lasts: Approx 3-6 weeks, although some shades can last longer
Packaging: Screw-top tub with full instructions
Possible results: Manic Panic Raven Hair Dye is a rich black shade which has a green base colour
Additional Information: Manic Panic Raven Hair Dye is Vegan Friendly. 

Due to the large amount of factors that can affect the final colour, dye results cannot be guaranteed
Please always try a strand test first.

A full list of ingredients for Hair Dyes & All Bleach Kits we sell can be seen in the following section: Hair Dye Ingredients

A list of instructions for the dyes and bleach kits we sell can be seen in the following section: Hair Dye Instructions

Additional Info: For best results use on bleached or pre-lightened hair, although some deeper shades may give a sheen or hint of colour to darker hair. Dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions fully. Do not condition hair prior to use as this can smooth the hair follicle and act as a barrier on the hair. Always shake tub/bottle beforehand or use a mixing bowl to ensure colour pigments are well mixed. Colours in the tub/bottle are not necessarily an indication of the final hair colour and the dyes can vary slightly between batches, therefore dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always try a strand & sensitivity test prior to use. Our Hair Dye FAQ section has lots of useful hints and tips on how to get the best from the type of hair dyes we sell. Here you can see instructions for use, clean-up tips, how to prolong the dye results and step by step guides on using different brands.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the colour and description of all items shown on this site are as accurate as possible items may differ slightly due to the photographic procedure and transferring of images to the website.

NOTE: The ingredients and instructions shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use in case of any changes or updates. Please always try a strand and sensitivity test prior to using any hair dye product.
Dye results cannot be guaranteed.

5 reviews for Manic Panic Raven Hair Dye
  1. Rebecca Medhurst
    Verified Owner

    really good original colour(slightly brighter than the display pic).the only problem i had was that it didnt last very long(about 2 weeks) and faded to orange.

  2. Elisabeth Woodley
    Verified Owner

    I tried to dye the shaved bit of my hair, and landed up dying my face blue which took a bit of scrubbing to get off and it dyed the hair around the shaved bit blue too when I tried to wash it out. The bit I wanted to go this colour landed up being a purpley colour. I’ll try it again because I still basically have a whole tub left. I’ll try leave it in for longer and be much more careful when washing it out. D:

  3. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Did exactly what it said on the tin! Awesome result. Highly recommended. -Raven-

  4. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    I’d have to say that of all the manic panic colours, this is my favorite. The lighter the hair, the better results. I dyed atomic turquoise over bleached hair with a tad of tiger lily in (different spots. The bleached parts came out the most vibrant, the parts with the other faded dye came out a softer green colour. Though I didn’t completely get the result I had wanted, I’d still recommend this colour to anyone looking for a vibrant new change. -Challengeddino-

  5. Marie Loeffler
    Verified Owner

    colour looked really nice at my graduation and prom. but this colour is an b***h to get it out of the hair! I had the colour for about 2 month when i started to rinse it out. it took me another month (doing 2 washes of cleans shampoo 3 times a week) since it was a bright green i was able to colour over.
    so nice colour, but not for people who like to change their hair fast

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