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Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye


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Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye

Brand: Manic Panic
Style: Standard Cream Dye
Colour: Vampire Red
Type: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
Volume: 118ml/4oz
Lasts: Approx 3-6 weeks, although some shades can last longer
Packaging: Screw-top tub with full instructions
Possible results: Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye is a rich red shade with an orange tone to it
Additional Information: Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye is Vegan Friendly. Also available in Amplified version 

Due to the large amount of factors that can affect the final colour, dye results cannot be guaranteed
Please always try a strand test first.

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Additional Info: For best results use on bleached or pre-lightened hair, although some deeper shades may give a sheen or hint of colour to darker hair. Dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions fully. Do not condition hair prior to use as this can smooth the hair follicle and act as a barrier on the hair. Always shake tub/bottle beforehand or use a mixing bowl to ensure colour pigments are well mixed. Colours in the tub/bottle are not necessarily an indication of the final hair colour and the dyes can vary slightly between batches, therefore dye results cannot be guaranteed. Always try a strand & sensitivity test prior to use. Our Hair Dye FAQ section has lots of useful hints and tips on how to get the best from the type of hair dyes we sell. Here you can see instructions for use, clean-up tips, how to prolong the dye results and step by step guides on using different brands.

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NOTE: The ingredients and instructions shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use in case of any changes or updates. Please always try a strand and sensitivity test prior to using any hair dye product.
Dye results cannot be guaranteed.

16 reviews for Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye
  1. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Having first bleached my hair, I then plastered on this dye, I ended up with the dye everywhere (probably more my overzealous-ness rather than the dye!) The dye took more to some parts of my hair than others, which, despite creating an effect I had not originally imagined, has created a variegated peacock colour, which I love! The only warning I must give to users, is that with every wash, you end up standing in a puddle of blue water! And be care where you spatter it! Otherwise fantastic and fun! Infinitely better than any other brand for longevity!

  2. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Fabulous dye…easy to go on and gave a gorgeous colour with loads of depth. Looks especially fab in the (rare) sunshine. Literally had people stopping me in the street to compliment the colour. Good staying power too-was very vibrant for at least 2 weeks before it started fading properly. Highly recommended! 😀 -Sarah-

  3. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    After deciding that I wanted to dye my hair a nice, rich forest green color, I searched and found MP’s Enchanted Forest. Since I had never bleached my hair before, I was a bit nervous. But, when I took the tin foil off, I was in love. The color was everything I wanted. It was the perfect forest green color. With regular washing, it faded in about a week. A few months and some touch-ups later, some how over that time, the beautiful forest green turned to a teal, with more blue than green. I was disappointed that the beautiful color had gone, but the teal was still pretty nonetheless. I loved the color at first, but the whole ‘fading to a different color’ thing, it just didn’t work out for me.’ -Meagan-

  4. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    This dye can be really unpredictable, so I suggest using it if you don’t care what shade you get as long as it’s blue. I’ve had different results every time with this colour, but they are always beautiful! -Hell Thirteen-

  5. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    An amazing colour – a deep yet bright violet that’s definitely more on the blue than red side of purple. The colour positively glows, and the actual dye leaves your hair very soft and conditioned too. Also, the rinsing out went like a dream – I was expecting to have to hold my head under the water forever, as normal, but I think it took around a minute for all the residual dye to wash off! My only gripe is that it didn’t colour all parts of my hair evenly – some has more of a blue than a violet look to it, and other sections didn’t take properly. This might be because I dyed over a previous colour, though, and hadn’t prebleached for a while. I’d definitely recommend doing that first when using this colour for a more even result. Other than that… great! -Miss P-

  6. Lizz Ure
    Verified Owner

    i love this colour iv been buying this for the past 5 yrs… mostly use it by itself or i might mix it with violet or pinkissimo….either way it gives u a lovely vibrant colour n lasts ages…highly recommend it if your wantin a vibrant pinky purple air dye.

  7. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    When it is first done the colour is amazing! one of my top fav greens. The only thing is that it stains everything. i have a green patch on the floor and the hose of the shower is green too and bleach wont budge it. also the pale green tinge on the bath isnt to my flat mates liking. but none the less i like the clouor so much im willing to put up with the weekly top up of my hair and the bathroom!! -Niky-La-

  8. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    this is one of the hardest that i found to get really consistant color all over my hair some parts were really dark blue some parts ended up being a really light blue. i tried leaving the dye on for about two hours and this did the trick it got all of my hair to a really dark blue and after a few washes it got it to the shocking blue that i was looking for. when it fades it starts to turn green and fades patchy.. atleast for me. -Klargo-

  9. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    this colour is awesome, my hair isnt bleched white (just a light brown) where i have this colour and it comes out so well! And lasts quite a while too! Love it 😀 -DeeDee-

  10. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    Beautiful rich pink colour, didn’t even have to bleach my hair! Very pleased with this shade :).
    (Emailed Review from Amy)

  11. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    When I used this color, it was over faded purple hair and it turned out really well. Most of the pictures Ive seen of it are bright, but for me it turned more of a darker pink with a bit of purple. Very beautiful color.
    (Emailed Review from AngelaSzekeres)

  12. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    The best Pink hair dye I have used and I have used a lot. Left it in for 2 hours after bleaching and found that when it came to rinsing it out there was very little colour run…Hasn’t stained my face or hands which is a big pro!! It has left my hair soft and shiny…My other half is now walking round with his sunglasses on because he says its that bright.
    (Emailed Review from PinkMonkey)

  13. Emailed Review
    Verified Owner

    I have used Manic Panic for a couple months now and I keep coming up with reviews saying that the hair color doesn’t last. I have a couple tips because honestly, I have been very satisfied with Manic Panic. I pre lightened my hair because it was very dark, I then added the dye. This makes for a more vibrant color. I leave it in my hair for 2-3 hours and add heat (blowdryer). I used to be afraid to shampoo my hair because all the color would come out but then I bought shampoo/conditioner especially for color treated hair. I found that to be verrry effective. SO there you go, those are my tips on keeping the dye in. It lasts me a couple weeks before I decide I need to dye again (:
    (Emailed Review from Marble)

  14. Boutevillain Marion
    Verified Owner

    Love it!

  15. dark_rainbow_meracorn
    Verified Owner

    Very vibrant, colours brown hair a deep purpley/pink and bleached hair slighty redder. Lasts FOREVER, stains EVERYTHING, and bleeds onto clothes, towels, bath etc even months later.

  16. Boniplier
    Verified Owner

    I diluted it with conditioner and it still gave me lots of pigment!
    Not complaining though, at least I know I have lots of product to use!

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