Bleach Kit Stargazer 30 Volume [UK Only]

I wanted to get my dyed black hair blonde again (I'm a natural blonde), so I popped on this bleach after a couple of bleaches I had done at the hair dresser (whom only managed to make my hair a very dark shade of reddish brown, almost black), had it in for the longest time. I was quite disappointed when I realised my hair was only a dark shade of red, not even gingery! I actually liked the shade of red, thus the two stars, but it didn't help me acheive my goal. Sure, I didn't expect to become blonde in just one go, but I had expected better results than this. Note: My hair was dyed black for approx. one year, making it not the most impossible task to suck out colour from. One good thing about this bleach, though, is that it doesn't ruin your hair at all. At least it didn't to me, but it didn't remove much colour either, so... I suggest getting a different brand of bleach if you want to go light haired. -Nekro-ish-
NOTE FROM BEEUNIQUE - If two trips to a hairdresser using professional bleach cannot lighten hair dye enough then you may be wasting your money trying a 30 volume box bleach kit. Black hair dye is often notoriously hard colour to remove.

Emailed Review, 02/09/2008
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