Crazy Color Capri Blue Hair Dye

Have great coverage, fair bit of rub off for a while after first application.

Very very stubborn to remove. Faded to a light blue/teal after 2 bottles of head and shoulders and then after 4x bleach powder/shampoo/oil washes ended up mostly yellow with mint green ends. Don't think I'd have ever been able to remove it entirely without toning it out and don't think it would ever have reached the pale green without the powder bleach/shampoo/oil washes.

So really great product if you want longevity in your blue colour because it really does endure great. If I'd wanted to keep the blue I could have gotten away with topping it up once every 2 months on my hair. Also covers virgin hair and clings on well but was obviously darker then the bleached hair.

kirsty harwood, 05/02/2016
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