Stargazer Tropical Green Hair Dye

Never been Stargazers hugest fan, but this stuff was phenomenal. When freshly dyed it's almost radioactive, it's SO bright, my friend's baby brother said my head looked like a christmas light xD. It really did glow, then, after a few washes the glowiness toned down and it became a rich, turquoisey green, it never really went flat. The longevity of this dye was also impressive, it faded fast on my damaged ends, but otherwise it remained a strong colour, I forcefully started fading it out, and it bleached out very easily! Which is a big plus for someone who likes to swap colours a lot. To sum up, amazing fresh colour, and an equally amazing fading colour, its just so unique! The only reason this gets 4 stars is that there really isnt very much in the bottle, I had to scrape it to cover my A-line, very thin hair (longest length touching my shoulders, shortest just reaching to my neck), ideally, I'd have needed 2 bottles as it was quite patchy, and normally I never need more than one bottle has my hair is very short and notoriously thin! Definitely worth trying.

Jo Boyes, 07/06/2009
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