Directions Pastel Rose Hair Dye

If you are anything like me and are desperately searching for the perfect light dusky pink dye, then this is the best you are going to get...
I've been dying my hair pink for over 5 years, and try as I might I just can't seem to find the exact right shade. This is damn close, but comes with some caveats.
Your hair must be a perfect 10 if you want that dusky pink look. That means bleaching to high heaven and toning. Any yellow tones WILL NOT be covered by this dye.
It will fade pretty quickly, even if you use sulfate free shampoos, wash in cold water and don't heat style.
It does not stretch very far, I use at least two tubs for my long fine hair. One tub is only going to cover a pixie cut.

Grace D., 28/05/2021
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