Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye

My favorite color is purple, so why not put a little purple in my hair? Well this is my experience of manic panic purple haze. The color comes in a nice big tub with plenty of product. One is enough to cover all your hair or enough to put some streaks in and do quite a few touch ups. When applying the dye you have to be very carefull, as it tends to stain the skin and even the sink quite a lot (I found tooth paste to be quite efficient for removal of the stains on the sink). For the color to work best and be most intense you should pre lighten your hair and blowdry it. I found the color to be much more intense if left on for 1 to 2 hours. Adding a bit of heat (blowdry hair packed in plastic) will intensify the color and make it last longer. The color itself is a bit more smokey than I expected and not that bright purple... But it is a very unique and cool gothic hair color. I am very pleased with the result and the lasting power.

Rikke Schwartz, 03/09/2008
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