Directions Poppy Red Hair Dye

(For people who don't bother bleaching their hair) Out of all the shades of red, this is the best one. Personally. When I first applied it, it was a bright redish pinkyish colour, it looked amazing! When it started to wash out, it went this really pretty light red colour, it was hard to describe! It was a very dramatic, contrasting colour, I love it! The only down side is that it washes out too quickly. But it's okay for me; I have a stock full of Poppy Red hair dyes, so I can just keep re-applying! xD I re-apply this colour about every 2 or 3 weeks. When the colour fades, YES, It's pretty. But when it's very diluted (faded) it goes this strange brownish/redish colour! Dx But no, it's a great colour. I reccomend it for people who don't bother bleaching their hair. It looks amazing on un-bleached hair! Have fun! xD

Josie Buckland, 22/08/2010
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